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Anna Radke, PhD

2006          BA in Biology, St. Olaf College

2011          PhD in Neuroscience, University of Minnesota

2012          Postdoctoral fellowship, University of Minnesota

2016          Postdoctoral fellowship, NIAAA


I have considerable experience in rodent measures of behavior, with a specific focus on motivational brain systems. I am interested in how changes in these systems lead to maladaptive behaviors such as uncontrollable drug seeking. Additionally, I have a strong interest in teaching and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students in research. At home, I stay busy teaching and mentoring two small human beings and experimenting with photography and gardening.

Graduate and Postbaccalaureate Staff

Oscar Sandoval, MA
Graduate Student

Education: B.S. in Neuroscience with Psychology minor, University of Texas El Paso

M.A. in Psychology, Miami University

Hometown: Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México/ El Paso TX

Research interests:  I am interested in the psychopharmacology of all drugs of abuse with a more specific interest in their potential addictive/therapeutic effects of opiates and psychedelics.

Awards: Society for Neuroscience Travel Awardee 2021; Top Poster presenter at Miami Graduate Research Forum 2021

Publications: Sandoval et al., 2023

Fun fact:  I am a Mariachi Musician that has performed with Mexican legends such as Juan Gabriel, Jenni Rivera, Shaila Durcal, and more! 

Roman Zegarelli, BS
Graduate Student

Education: B.S. Psychology, University of Dayton

Hometown: Erie, Pennsylvania

Research interests: Addiction Research, Alcohol, Sex Differences in Drinking

Fun fact: I play piano and guitar and can juggle four balls. 


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Beane Headshot.JPG
Cambria Beane, Psychology and Neuroscience 2024
Doctoral-Undergraduate Scholarship recipient 2022
Undergraduate Research Award recipient Spring 2023
Deans Scholar 2023-2024
Harrison Carvour, Psychology 2024
Undergraduate Summer Scholar 2022
ndergraduate Research Award recipient Spring 2023
Deans Scholar 2023-2024
RAD Lab Logo.jpg
Yaya Gao, Psychology 2024
RAD Lab Logo.jpg
August Ogunnowo, Biology & Neuroscience 2024
Undergraduate Summer Scholar 2023
image0 (1).jpeg
Ezra Eccles
Biological Physics and Premedical Studies 2025
RAD Lab Logo.jpg
D'Erick Underwood, Psychology 2024
Chloe Thach, Biology, Neuroscience, Individualized Studies (Health Equity), Public Health 2024
LAURE Award Recipient, CDC John R. Lewis Scholar, Haynes Scholar
ndergraduate Research Award recipient Spring 2023
Delainey Lewis, Psychology & Neuroscience 2024
ndergraduate Research Award recipient Spring 2023
Edith Padilla, Psychology 2024
ndergraduate Research Award recipient Spring 2023
Megan Robertson, Zoology and Premedical Studies 2024
ndergraduate Research Award recipient Spring 2023
RAD Lab Logo.jpg
Charlotte Roemer, Psychology 2024
RAD Lab Logo.jpg
Claire Lopez, Psychology 2024
ndergraduate Research Award recipient Spring 2023
RAD Lab Logo.jpg
Rachel Gymning-Del Castillo, Psychology 2026
Lindsey O'Lalde, Psychology & Neuroscience 2026
Caroline Scribner, Kinesiology and Premedical Studies 2026
Hunter Wells, Psychology & Neuroscience 2024


Graduate Students
Elizabeth Sneddon-Yepez*, 2022, DSPAN Postdoctoral Scholar at University of California - San Diego
Sean Monroe
, 2023, Medical Writer at Medpace

*NIH Fellowship recipient

Postbaccalaureate Research Assistants

Thomas Perry, 2023, Research Assistant at University of California - San Diego
Kiara Ream, 2023
Undergraduate Research Assistants
Robert White
, 2017
Bridget Dames, 2017, pursuing an MD at Wright State University
Colleen Foley, 2018
Austin Nader*, 2019, pursuing a PsyD at University of Indianapolis
Jack Frankel*, 2019
Josh Setters2019
Olivia Ramsey†*, 2019, pursuing an MD at University of Louisville
Kristen Schuh†*^2020, pursuing a PhD at University of Michigan
Annemarie Thomas*^, 2021
Roshika Bhattarai, 2021
Lindsay Gibb, 2021
Jenelle DeMedio*, 2021
Lindsay Rasizer*, 2021
Audrey King*, 2021, pursuing an MD at Burrell College
Marissa Muench, 2021, research technician at University of Tennessee
Brandon Arnold*^, 2022, completing Fulbright Scholarship
Kaila Fennell^, 2022, pursuing an MD at St. Louis University
Brianna Masters*^, 2022, pursuing an MS at Midwestern University
Marissa Howard, 2022
Vasudha Sarvagya, 2022
Natalie Shand*, 2023, pursuing a PhD at Auburn University

*Undergraduate Research Award Recipient
^Undergraduate Summer Scholar
†Dean's Scholar​​
Underlined - published with RAD lab
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