Anna Radke, PhD

2006          BA in Biology, St. Olaf College

2011          PhD in Neuroscience, University of Minnesota

2012          Postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Marilyn Carroll

2016          Postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Andrew Holmes


Throughout my training, I have gained considerable experience in rodent measures of behavior, with a specific focus on motivational brain systems. Techniques and measures I have experience with include operant responding for food/drug/electrical stimulation, fear conditioning and measures of anxiety, measures of drug withdrawal, in vivo fast-scan cyclic voltammetry to measure dopamine release, and opto/chemogenetic control of behavior. Additionally, I have a strong interest in mentoring undergraduate and graduate students in the lab.


Elizabeth Sneddon, MA

Education: BA in Psychology & Sociology, University of New Mexico

Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Research interests: My interest is in brain systems which control our behavior and how substance abuse can alter these brain systems and the neural networks associated with behavior. I’m especially interested in the neuroplasticity of alcohol addiction.

Awards: SfN Trainee Professional Development Award 2018, RSA Student Merit Travel Award, Miami Graduate Research Forum Poster Presentation Award 2018, MPA Graduate Student Research Award 2020

Publications: Sneddon, White, and Radke (2018), Radke et al. (2019)

Fun fact: My sophomore year of college I was offered a position as an audio engineer for the on-tour Broadway show Chicago.

Sean Monroe, BS

Education: B.S. Neuroscience and Substance Misuse & Addiction, The Ohio State University

Hometown: Vienna, WV

Research interests:  I am interested in the neural structures and pathways involved in drug addiction, with an emphasis on opioids. In particular, I am interested in how these areas play a role in chronic drug use in the face of punishment, as well as relapse.

Fun fact: If I were not pursuing a scientific career, I would probably own a bakery.



Brandon Arnold, Psychology 2021​
Undergraduate Summer Scholar 2019, Undergraduate Research Award recipient Spring 2020
Kaila Fennel
Biochemistry 2022
Lindsay Gibb
Zoology and Art Therapy 2021
Brianna Masters, Biology and Neuroscience 2022
Natalie Shand, Psychology & Neuroscience 2023
Thomas McLaughlin, Psychology 2022
Marissa Muench, Psychology 2021
Kristen Schuh, 
Psychology & Neuroscience 2020
Undergraduate Summer Scholar 2018 & 2019, Undergraduate Research Award recipient Fall 2018, Dean's Scholar 2019-2020


Robert White, 2017, currently at University of Cincinnati
Bridget Dames, 2017, pursuing an MD at Wright State University
Colleen Foley, 2018, plans to pursue a degree in clinical psychology
Austin Nader*, 2019, pursuing a PsyD at University of Indianapolis
Jack Frankel*, 2019
Josh Setters, 2019, currently at Lock 27 Brewing
Olivia Ramsey†*, 2019, pursing an MD at University of Louisville
Annemarie Thomas*^, 2021
Roshika Bhattarai, 2021
*Undergraduate Research Award Recipient
^Undergraduate Summer Scholar
†Dean's Scholar​​
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