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Miami Ohio Psychology Neuroscience

Project | 01

Neural mechanisms of compulsive-like alcohol drinking

We are using chemogenetics and genetic models to investigate the neural mechanisms of punishment-resistant alcohol drinking.

Funding: R15 AREA grant (AKR)

F99 DSPAN grant (EAS)

Miami Ohio Psychology Neuroscience

Project | 02

Sex differences in alcohol drinking behaviors

We are exploring how sex hormones and chromosomes contribute to female vulnerability to alcohol drinking behaviors. 

Funding: F99 DSPAN grant (EAS)


Project | 03

Neural mechanisms of opioid reward and aversion

We are using chemogenetics to explore the contribution of VTA/NAc circuits to opioid-mediated reward and aversion. This work is funded through internal grants from Miami University.

Jennifer Quinn Miami Ohio Psychology Neuroscience

Project | 04

Early life stress model of co-morbid PTSD and alcohol use disorder

In collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Quinn, we are investigating how exposure to a traumatic event in infancy can enhance fear learning and alcohol drinking.

Funding: R21 grant (AKR and JJQ)

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