Project | 01

Neural mechanisms and sex differences in compulsive-like alcohol drinking

We are using chemogenetics and genetic models to investigate the neural mechanisms of punished alcohol drinking and how sex hormones and chromosomes contribute to female vulnerability to alcohol drinking behaviors.

Funding: R15 AREA grant (AKR)

Project | 02

Dopaminergic contributions to behavioral flexibility

We are using chemogenetic and genetic models to explore the role of dopamine in reversal learning and punished reward-seeking. 

Project | 03

Neural mechanisms of opioid reward and aversion

We are using chemogenetics to explore the contribution of VTA/NAc circuits to opioid-mediated reward and aversion. This work is funded through internal grants from Miami University.

Project | 04

Early life stress model of co-morbid PTSD and alcohol use disorder

In collaboration with Dr. Jennifer Quinn, we are investigating how exposure to a traumatic event in infancy can enhance fear learning and alcohol drinking.

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